the traditional way of persisting an authenticating of a user is through storing the logged-in user in the server session at the same time the server will create a cookie and sending it to the user/browser in order for the user to remain logged in is throw the browser sending…

welcome back for part 2 of jwt with javaScript and rails
if you have not seen part 1 is here the link

lets jump right in now that we have Basic understanding of the underlined technologies and what they are trying to accomplish we will start with configuration

  1. head over…

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when one begins learning javascript one’s initial thoughts might be what can I do with this language

and yes indeed there is quite a bit and the list is growing every month

now when one thinks of programming a robot with javascript there are several things that need to be…

Who is this for?

1: i have been learning ruby for a Month or two and want to get starred with rails

2: i just started learning ruby on rails However find myself confused by its syntax

if you find Yourself in any of these categories this blog might be very helpful for you


Software engineer

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